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“Ardurapid” developed by Ardex is technology which is found in many of its products. In the Pandomo® range it can be found in the Floor, FloorPlus and Loft finishes.

Ardurapid chemically utilises the mixing water in building a reinforced crystalline structure guaranteeing a shrinkage free floor.

In traditional polished concrete shrinkage causes cracking in the finish. Also with concrete mixes, 1/3 of the water added is used for hydration of the cement and 2/3 of the water added is for workability of the concrete.

The additional water added takes approximately 1 month per 25mm thickness to dry out. This is called construction moisture & could hold up the project waiting for the slab to fully cure before grinding can occur.

With the use of the Pandomo® floor toppings, 100% of the water is converted into the hydrated silicate matrix. This chemical conversion takes place in rapid time, allowing walkability on the Pandomo® flooring to take place after only a few hours and for it to be grindable after 24 hours.

After this the flooring is then ready for sealing and the flooring complete.

A particular desirable quality in commercial and retail projects where a quick turn-around time is extremely important in allowing your client to start generating an income from the building.

Please note the finish is only as good as the substrate.

Cracking from the concrete slab underneath can cause cracking through the floor finish, similar to alot of other floor finishes.

Pandomo® can address this issue if you find it present in your project. Should you require any additional information please contact Ardex on the below credentials.

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