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PANDOMO® reveals upcoming 2013/14 colour trends for Australian interior concrete wall and flooring finishes

PANDOMO®, one of the world’s most innovative floor and wall finishing systems, today announced its prediction of upcoming 2013/14 trends for the Australian interior space, namely internal residential and commercial walls and floors.

Internationally, PANDOMO®’s floor and wall finishing systems have provided home owners, interior designers and architects with a smooth, crack and impact resistant canvas on which to build their dream room. PANDOMO® works transform disjointed walls and floors, delivering a seamless openness to each and every surface it touches.

“Historically and colour palette wise, Australians have always looked to Europe for inspiration,” said Ardex Sales and Marketing Manager Fabian Morgan, “And while this historic trend is continuing, we believe, from our stock orders, we will be seeing a much stronger sense of ‘Australian’ style beginning to emerge. This style is focused on maximising space and light, presenting a clean, minimalist and industrial tone; whilst also striking out to capture bold accents of colour to provide contrast or focal points.”

PANDOMO® trend forecast for Australia 2013/ 2014

  • Minimalist and Industrial Greys to provide a sense of space

    “We are seeing increasing demand for lighter variations of PANDOMO® Wall Pure range from both the residential and commercial sectors. When used on walls, this grey palette assists to enhance a sense of space, while at the same time, still providing a firm sense of solidity.”

  • Off Whites to enhance natural light

    “It’s no secret that Australians love light.” said Morgan, “We are always looking for ways to have more filter in anyway possible. Within PANDOMO® Wall and Floors Light range, we believe we will be seeing increased demand for our Off White and Pure White hues, as they enhance what natural light is available and provide an increased sense of openness.”

  • Glowing Beiges and Earthy Browns to imbue warmth

    “As well as loving light, Australians love wood and the sense of warmth it imparts. We expect the browns within our Wall Natural and Accent palettes to continue to be leading favourites, alongside our warm aggregate specked PANDOMO® Terrazzo flooring.

  • Bold Accents of colour to highlight focal points

    “Australians are also bold and unafraid of colour. The variety of colours we are able to create with PANDOMO® is almost limitless and allows for a wide spectrum of individuality. We are seeing increasing demand for a number of bright colours in our Accent and Natural palette such as reds, crimsons, eggplant purples, green tones. We are even seeing increasing requests for metallics such as gold, silver and bronze!”

  • Increasing imprint of brand in the working environment

    “The versatility of our PANDOMO® Wall, Floor and Terrazzo products are now providing possibilities for ‘brand’ integration in ways that have not been achievable before. This includes an increase of bold colour accents in the corporate sector, where we are seeing a growth in brand specific colours, furthering the ‘brand’ presence within working environments,” said Morgan.

“Now is an exciting time for interior concrete walls and flooring. We are constantly surprised by the new and interesting ways our customers are looking to integrate PANDOMO® into their architectural or home projects.” commented Morgan, “We look forward to the growth of this emerging and maturing Australian style. We can’t wait to see how it presents itself.”

PANDOMO®, More than just concrete,

PANDOMO® is a concrete surfacing system which allows home owners and architects to transform disjointed walls and floors into a unity of vision. PANDOMO® delivers a seamless openness, harmony and modernity to each and every surface it touches.

The principle behind PANDOMO® is as simple as it is striking; a cement-based material capable of delivering smooth, clear cut surfaces with a modern, reductionist look. PANDOMO® can be tinted or texturised with a wide array of specially developed PANDOMO® dyes and aggregate mixes. PANDOMO®’s liquid concrete base creates smooth, crack and impact resistant surfaces in an almost unlimited range of colours and aggregate mixes – from a bright, bold palette of colour, warm stone finishes, gold and silver metallics, to cool slate industrial greys.


PANDOMO® Wall creates the face of a room. PANDOMO® Wall can be used to suit any style and ambiance and can deliver an endless choice of possibilities – reserved tones of grey and white imbue a cool, modern, almost industrial feel, while texturised aggregates and earthy tones glow with Mediterranean warmth.

PANDOMO® FloorPlus

From the ground up, PANDOMO® FloorPlus provides a smooth, clear and unified base on which to build your creative vision. Even at thickness of 5mm, PANDOMO® FloorPlus surfaces are permanently resilient like high-quality parquet. PANDOMO® Floor is suitable for underfloor heating and resistant to continual wear. Once treated with the correct project specific sealer, PANDOMO® Floor shines with a silky sheen which increases colour intensity and abrasion resistance.