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  • St Barnabas Church
  • St Barnabas Church
  • St Barnabas Church

PANDOMO® takes 1st place at World Concrete Awards for the innovative use of PANDOMO® Floor and Wall

On the morning of 10 May 2006, residents at Broadway in Ultimo watched in despair as fire destroyed their beloved 150 year old St. Barnabas Church. Plans for the new church required architectural build techniques that would go above and beyond normal practices. Architect Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp from FJMT Architects was able to build the new and modern church using PANDOMO®, installed by award winning concrete contractors Honestone. The final church design concept featured a modern design with distinguished use of space and natural light.

The excellence of skill displayed by the Honestone team in their application of PANDOMO® Wall and FloorPlus led the team to win 1st place in the Overlay section and 2nd place in the Vertical Application section of the internationally renowned 2013 Decorative Concrete Council Award at the World Concrete Awards, held by the American Society of Concrete Contractors at a ceremony in Las Vegas.

Rebuilding a church from a burntout shell was not the only challenge faced. PANDOMO® suppliers Ardex Australia worked closely with FJMT Architects, Buildcorp and Honestone to develop a number of solutions to resolve many complex situations which appeared during the construction stage.

A concrete slab was installed with a setdown of around 50mm, which caused potential issues in relation to the height of the finished floor. To solve this problem, Ardex recommended the use of ARDEX A38 advanced rapid cure cement screed to fill the gap created by the setdown; ready to be primed and finished with 6mm of Pandomo® FloorPlus.

Another challenge the team faced was the application of the curved concrete walls using a “shotcrete” spray method. The curved wall had a very rough surface which required smoothing prior to the application of Pandomo® Wall. ARDEX A45 patching and repair mortar was used to fill-in surface imperfections.

Matching colour between Pandomo® FloorPlus and Wall was also an interesting experience, with numerous colour samples produced and site samples installed to assist colour concept approval.

Pandomo® products used within the rebuilt church include a total of 600sqm of Pandomo® FloorPlus and 280sqm of Pandomo® Wall, applied in the main foyer at the lower level and in the main auditorium at the upper level including the lifts lobby and the feature curved walls. Pandomo® FloorPlus achieved an R10 slip rating.

“It was an amazing experience to be part of this project,” said Ardex Sales and Marketing Manager Fabian Morgan. “Not only were we able to help rebuild a well-loved community facility, but we were also part of a project which established a new benchmark in design excellence for our industry.”

The vision shared and made reality by FJMT Architects and Honestone has resulted in the creation of an award winning masterpiece that now is used as a benchmark of excellence by the Australian and international concrete industry.

PANDOMO®, More than just concrete,

PANDOMO® is a concrete surfacing system which allows home owners and architects to transform disjointed walls and floors into a unity of vision. PANDOMO® delivers a seamless openness, harmony and modernity to each and every surface it touches.

The principle behind PANDOMO® is as simple as it is striking; a cement-based material capable of delivering smooth, clear cut surfaces with a modern, reductionist look. PANDOMO® can be tinted or texturised with a wide array of specially developed PANDOMO® dyes and aggregate mixes. PANDOMO®’s liquid concrete base creates smooth, crack and impact resistant surfaces in an almost unlimited range of colours and aggregate mixes – from a bright, bold palette of colour, warm stone finishes, gold and silver metallics, to cool slate industrial greys.


PANDOMO® Wall creates the face of a room. PANDOMO® Wall can be used to suit any style and ambiance and can deliver an endless choice of possibilities – reserved tones of grey and white imbue a cool, modern, almost industrial feel, while texturised aggregates and earthy tones glow with Mediterranean warmth.

PANDOMO® FloorPlus

From the ground up, PANDOMO® FloorPlus provides a smooth, clear and unified base on which to build your creative vision. Even at thickness of 5mm, PANDOMO® FloorPlus surfaces are permanently resilient like high-quality parquet. PANDOMO® Floor is suitable for underfloor heating and resistant to continual wear. Once treated with the correct project specific sealer, PANDOMO® Floor shines with a silky sheen which increases colour intensity and abrasion resistance.