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PANDOMO® transforms your vision into realityWith PANDOMO®, the possibilities are limitless

With PANDOMO®, the possibilities are limitless

More than just concrete, PANDOMO® is an award winning concrete surfacing system which allows architects and specifiers the ability to transform disjointed interior walls and self-level floors into a unity of vision. PANDOMO® delivers a seamless openness, harmony and modernity to every surface it touches.

PANDOMO® fills the highest requirements of style, exclusiveness and long term endurance. The principle behind PANDOMO® is as simple as it is striking; a cement-based material capable of delivering smooth, clear cut surfaces with a modern, reductionist look. PANDOMO® can be tinted or texturised with a wide array of specially developed PANDOMO® dyes and aggregate mixes.

Thanks to its cementitious nature, PANDOMO® is extremely robust and able to meet low VOC requirements. PANDOMO®’s liquid concrete base creates smooth, crack and impact resistant surfaces in an almost unlimited range of colours and aggregate mixes – from a bright, bold palette of colour, warm stone finishes, gold and silver metallics, to cool slate industrial greys. Whether classical, contemporary or individualised, PANDOMO® will translate your design concepts and visions into a tangible reality.

PANDOMO® is fast and easy to use, with only a few simple steps in designing your ideal surface. When treated with a quick responding sealer, PANDOMO® surfaces are durable, non-greasy, vapour-permeable and dirt-resistant; with everyday dust and grime easily removed with a simple wipe.

From floor to wall to ceiling, the PANDOMO® collection provides the perfect solution to every physical requirement or creative desire.


PANDOMO® Wall allows you to transform the surfaces of a room into another space to further express your creative vision. PANDOMO® Wall can be used to suit any style and ambiance, and can deliver an endless choice of possibilities – reserved tones of grey and white imbue a cool, modern, almost industrial feel, while texturised aggregates and earthy tones glow with Mediterranean warmth.

PANDOMO® FloorPlus

From the ground up, PANDOMO® FloorPlus provides a smooth, clear and unified base on which to build your creative vision. PANDOMO® FloorPlus achieves maximum durability with minimal effort.

Even at thickness of 5mm, PANDOMO® FloorPlus surfaces are permanently resilient like high-quality parquet. PANDOMO® Floor is suitable for underfloor heating and resistant to continual wear. Once treated with the correct project specific sealer, PANDOMO® Floor shines with a silky sheen which increases colour intensity and abrasion resistance.

PANDOMO® FloorPlus also offers the opportunity to incorporate a specially selected aggregate into the freshly levelled floor, making the surface harder and more robust without losing any overall surface appearance.

Depending on the desired ambiance and use, profiles made from stainless steel, brushed aluminium and wood or plastic are recommended. Gaps between floors and walls can also be sealed with silicone, with even the forming of shadow gaps easily achievable.


An extension of PANDOMO® Floor, PANDOMO® Loft delivers a unique modern, almost industrial texture and consistency. PANDOMO® Loft blends into every living and working environment without being too dominant or interfering with other colour elements.

It is also with PANDOMO® Loft that PANDOMO®’s newest innovative decorative fillers come into their own. Within a large scale application, a mineral top layer can be thinly applied (approx 2mm), allowing the height adjustment of fixtures or doors becomes superfluous.

PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro

PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro allows the architect to create plain coloured surfaces, to perfectly fit any and every atmosphere. PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro’s smooth, refine texturised aggregate grain delivers a discreet and reserved elegance to everyday flooring.

PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro provides a highly polished terrazzo finish with traditional terrazzo characteristics at a minimum thickness of 11mm and is an ideal for refurbishments and renovations.

PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro offers the perfect solution for almost any architectural challenge, during renovations or conversions, as well in modern rebuilds.

No matter what trend, concept, colour or theme – PANDOMO® will lift your creative design aspirations and vision into a unified reality.