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Used to create a lightly polished concrete without exposed aggregate look, PANDOMO® floor can be tinted to a variety of colours to express an individual design.

In-situ and natural looking, residential and light traffic commercial floors are transformed into smooth fine grain structures to create a tasteful high class result.



Pandomo® FloorPlus

Similar to PANDOMO® floor but with a special sand reinforcement embedded into the wet flooring during installation, the floorplus finish has an improved abrasion resistance of 30%.

Ideal for medium foot traffic commercial projects, the floorplus finish provides a stone floor aesthetic look while having the benefits of an in-situ system.




Similar to a burnished concrete look, the Loft finish provides a textured surface finish whilst remaining smooth under foot. The expressive character left by the trowel marks, create an individual texture which is perfect for individual design concepts.Being a thin, trowel on finish suits all situations, whether it be low traffic residential through to heavy foot traffic commercial projects.



PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro

Containing the characteristics of traditional terrazzo flooring, the TerrazzoMicro finish provides a modern 1 – 3mm aggregate finish to give a subtle aggregate look to the floor finish.

It is ideal in heavy foot traffic situations like shopping centres and grand entrance areas but can still find its place in a high end residential project.




Using colour and texture, PANDOMO® Wall is a finish which brings style and robustness to a variety of substrates. Whether it be a Venetian Plaster or an off form concrete finish this is easily achieved.

The ability for a thin application also allows the finishes to be applied to ceilings to allow the design of the room to be further enhanced through the attractive iridescent surface appearance.