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Pandomo® Loft

Decorative Floor Finish


Similar to a burnished concrete look, the Loft finish provides a textured surface finish whilst remaining smooth under foot. The expressive character left by the trowel marks, create an individual texture which is perfect for individual design concepts. Being a thin, trowel on finish suits all situations, whether it be low traffic residential through to heavy foot traffic commercial projects.


Base: Cement

Thickness: 2-4mm


  • Concrete
  • ARDEX A38 Screed
  • Pandomo® K1 floor leveller
  • Damp or moisture vulnerable concrete when used in conjunction with an ARDEX moisture control system

Standard Colours:

30 (Colours may alter from the Pandomo® colour brochure with the use of alternative sealers)


Internal flooring (not suitable over waterproofing membranes)

Drying times:

Walkable after approx 2 hours, grindable after 24 hours (at +20 degrees C)

Non Slip Capacity:

R10 (When used with standard Pandomo® Sealers)

Resistant to chair castors: Yes

Suitable for floor heating systems:
Yes, electrical and hot water systems. (Refer to ARDEX A 38 Datasheet, or contact Ardex for details)

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